Transfer of Track

Transfer between the Tenure and Non-Tenure Tracks requires a written agreement between the faculty member and the Department Chair (or the Dean in schools without departments) and is subject to approval by the departmental Personnel Action Committee (in schools with departments), the school Personnel Action Committee, the Dean and the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs. See Article 5, Section 5.8, of the Academic Personnel Policy.

  • Transfer from the Tenure Track to the Non-Tenure Track may be made at any time prior to the tenure decision year.
  • A faculty member who has transferred out of the Tenure Track may transfer back into the Tenure Track only prior to his/her original tenure decision year; the tenure decision year remains the same.
  • Transfer of Affiliates, Lecturers or Instructors to either the Non-Tenure track or to the Tenure track requires the approval of the department chair (in schools with departments) or the dean (in schools without departments), the personnel action committees of the relevant departments and schools, and the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.