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Eligibility and Criteria

Individuals are appointed or promoted in the Tenure Track or the Non-tenure Track at the rank of Instructor (non-tenure track only), Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor, according to the eligibility and criteria for these ranks (APP, Article 3).


The eligibility requirements for each rank are defined below.


Appointment and promotion requires a record of achievements in:

  • one or more Areas of Distinction, which include Education, defined here
  • Academic Service, defined here

Three Levels of Achievement in these areas are recognized:

  • Entry Level: required for appointment or promotion to Instructor or Assistant Professor
  • Established Level: required for appointment or promotion to Associate Professor
  • Senior Level: required for appointment or promotion to Professor

Examples that provide evidence of achievement at each level are listed in Tables 1–5 of the APP:

Eligibility and Criteria by Track and Rank

Tenure Track (including Tenured Faculty):

Non-Tenure Track: