Academic Affairs

The Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) supports the academic affairs of faculty at UMMS, including oversight of academic appointments, promotion and tenure, faculty and department reviews, and governance and policy of the school. OFA staff are available for individual consultation with faculty on career planning, promotion and tenure, and other concerns.

Appointments, Promotion & Tenure:

  • Appointments: the process for appointment to the UMMS faculty; information about ranks & pathways.
  • Promotion: a guide to the steps required to advance your career.
  • Tenure: the process guiding tenure decisions.
  • CV Guidelines: how to compose an effective Curriculum Vitae—essential for the promotion process at UMMS and to demonstrate your academic and professional accomplishments. Download a recommended CV template here.
  • Sabbatical Leave: faculty are eligible for a sabbatical leave after six years of full-time service at UMMS.
  • Emeritus title may be conferred on distinguished faculty on retirement.

Governance & Policies:

The documents that define UMMS, its schools and procedures, including the Governance Document, and the Academic Personnel Policy, which governs the appointment, promotion and tenure of UMMS faculty.

Recruitment and Hiring:

  • Faculty Recruitment: In conjunction with the UMMS Department of Human Resources, the OFA is responsible for overseeing the recruitment and hiring processes for faculty employed through the Medical School.
  • Compensation and Benedits

Review & Evaluation:

  • Annual Faculty Reviews: faculty performance is evaluated annually.
  • Department Reviews: departments and chairs are reviewed every 5–7 years to determine the well-being of individual departments, their strengths and challenges, and their efforts to promote the institutional mission and values.

Data and Reports:

A summary of the UMMS faculty and the most recent OFA Annual Report are available.