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APR: Setting Your Goals & Objectives

In Section XI, provide a self-assessment of the goals you set in your previous year’s APR and list your goals for the coming year. You should also review your needs for mentoring to achieve the goals you set. The Individual Opportunity Plan (IOP) may help you set your goals and objectives and is available on the OFA website here. Enter information as follows:

  1. Identify your primary Area of Distinction (Health Care Delivery, Education, Investigation, Population Health and Public Policy; see here for more information). Your primary Area of Distinction is where you devote most effort and/or have the greatest achievements.
    Download a Guide to Selecting Areas of Distinction
  2. Goals and Objectives for the reporting period: copy your goals and objectives from your APR from the previous year.
  3. Provide a Self-assessment of your performance during the reporting period: highlight your most important accomplishments and describe any challenges in meeting your goals.
  4. List your Goals and Objectives for the next year in priority order. Include at least one objective for each goal. Consider writing goals and objectives in each of the following areas (as appropriate): education, research and scholarly activities, professional service, clinical service, leadership, diversity, and career development.

A Goal is a broad statement of a desired outcome that you plan to achieve in the next 3–5 years. Examples:

  • I want to secure external funding to maintain a productive research program.
  • I want to establish myself as an educational scholar.
  • I want to increase the efficiency of my clinical practice.

An Objective is a specific statement of a desired outcome that you will achieve in the next year. Objectives should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-limited. Examples:

  • I will submit three applications for external funding (R01, R21, and ACS) by March.
  • I will complete the assessment of the new curriculum I developed, write and submit a manuscript by December.
  • I will enroll in LEAN training and initiate one project for quality improvement in this year.

Mentoring (Section XI.E)

How could mentors increase your ability to achieve the goals and objectives you have listed? Do you need help in identifying mentors? Examples:

  • I would like an experienced grant writer to review the specific aims for my proposals.
  • I would like advice on interpreting the assessment of the curriculum.
  • I would like guidance from someone who has experience in quality improvement.