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Faculty Positions

Faculty members at the UMass Chan Medical School have a primary appointment in a department in the TH Chan School of Medicine (SOM) or in the Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing (GSN), which does not have departments. Faculty involved in research and graduate training may also have a secondary appointment in the Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) - contact the school for further information.

Appointment: Click here for further information on the appointment procedure for new faculty.

Faculty appointments are defined by Track, Rank and Category of Appointment based on  eligibility and criteria. In addition to a primary appointment in a SOM Department or in the Tan GSN, individuals may have joint or secondary appointments in other academic units, or have a position in a non-department unit, such as a Center, Institute or Program; click here for more information.


Faculty are appointed to one of two academic tracks:

  • Tenure Track: individuals appointed in the Tenure Track with a Probationary Period and individuals who have received the award of Tenure. Individuals in the Tenure Track are at the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor. Individuals with Tenure are at the rank of Associate Professor or Professor.
  • Non-Tenure Trackany individual eligible for a faculty appointment who is not on the Tenure Track. Individuals in the Non-Tenure Track are at the rank of Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor.

Faculty may transfer between tracks, subject to approval: click here for more information.


Faculty are appointed to an academic rank of InstructorAssistant ProfessorAssociate Professor, or Professor. There are no modified titles, with the exception of Adjunct, Visiting, and Emeritus faculty.

Category of Appointment

There are eight categories of faculty appointment, determined by the employment status of the individual in relation to UMass Chan Medical School.

Employed Faculty
  • UMass Chan Medical School-Employed Faculty, divided into two categories:
    • Academically-Salaried Faculty. Employees of UMass Chan Medical School who are hired into a Faculty position to conduct Academic Activities as a primary and independent responsibility.
    • Professionally-Salaried Faculty.  Employees of UMass Chan Medical School who are hired into a Faculty position to provide services to support a research, educational or clinical area.
  • UMMHC-Employed Faculty. Individuals employed by UMass Memorial Health Care, UMass Memorial Medical Group, or UMass Memorial Medical Center.
  • Faculty Employed by a University-Approved External Foundation or Agency, such as the Howard Hughes Medical Institute or the Veterans Administration.

The appointment and employment terms and conditions of Employed Faculty are defined in Article 5 of the Academic Personnel Policy.

Other Faculty Appointments
  • Professional Staff. Individuals who are employed by UMass Chan Medical School or UMMHC in a staff position may be appointed to the faculty based on their expected contributions to UMass Chan Medical School educational and research programs.
  • Affiliate Faculty. Individuals who are not employed by UMass Chan Medical School or UMMHC.
  • Adjunct Faculty. Individuals who hold a primary academic appointment at another institution.
  • Visiting Faculty. Individuals who hold an academic appointment at another institution and are at UMass Chan Medical School for a limited period.

The appointment terms and conditions of individuals with Other Faculty Appointments are defined in Article 6 of the Academic Personnel Policy.