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APR: Listing Your Diversity Efforts

The UMass Chan Medical School (UMass Chan) values and has a commitment to affirmative action, diversity, and equal opportunity. To that end, we will work towards creating a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace that is a model of distinction for medical schools. This effort will be achieved through specific initiatives: recruiting the best talent in our faculty and non-faculty positions with particular attention to attracting women and people of color; by developing, retaining and strengthening the incumbent workforce; and by providing an environment that is welcoming, safe, and civil for all who study, work and visit UMass/Worcester.

The objective of the section on Diversity Efforts in the Annual Performance Review is to engage faculty in diversity, equity, and inclusion activities to promote a broadly shared understanding of the importance and benefits of a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment. Faculty may demonstrate their commitment to diversity through participation in a variety of activities across the missions.

Download a comprehensive list of suggested activities: Diversity Efforts (pdf)