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APR: Recording Your Academic Activities

The faculty member records their academic and professional activities for the reporting period (defined at the top of page 1 of the form) in Sections II–XI in the appropriate text boxes on the form. Complete only the sections that are relevant to you—you do not need to complete every section. Return the completed form to the department administrator.

Key Points

  • Review your individual information (Section I) for accuracy, particularly your current and proposed effort distribution. Discuss with your supervisor or evaluator if you think the distributions are different from your understanding.
  • Some sections have been modified to match the new APP. For example, the previous section on “Research & Scholarly Activity” is now separated into Investigation (Section III) and Scholarship (Section IV). Individual text boxes within the sections are not changed.
  • Be prepared! An up-to-date curriculum vitae (see here for guidance) will make it easier to complete the form. The APR form is consistent with the current version of the UMass Chan CV format, allowing you to cut-and-paste information from your CV into your APR. Keep a log of your teaching evaluations to attach to the form (Section IIE).
  • List all your mentoring and advising activities under Education (Section IID). Include evidence of outcomes that result from your mentoring (e.g., publications or presentations with mentees; current positions of mentees).
  • Health Care Delivery (Section VII): clinical faculty describe their expertise in a clinical specialty and roles and responsibilities in health care delivery, including patient population/location;  any innovations in health care delivery, with documented outcomes; and their efforts to improve quality and safety of patient care (Section VIIE).

Diversity Efforts (Section IX)

Describe your efforts to contribute to an inclusive environment in your department or the institution. Diversity efforts are expected of the faculty and a wide range of activities can be included (see here for further guidance).

Professional Development (Section X)

List any activities (course, programs, workshops etc.) in which you participated to enhance your professional development. As you list these activities, consider your academic and professional development needs for the next year.

You must also include your Goals and Self-Assessment (Section XI)—see here for guidance on setting goals and completing this section.