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APR: Preparing for Your APR Meeting

Your evaluator—either your Department Chair or their designee, such as a Division Chief—will review your APR and complete a written evaluation (Section XII) of your past performance and future goals. You will then meet with the evaluator to discuss your evaluation.

The APR meeting is an opportunity for faculty to discuss their academic and professional development with their supervisor and request resources to achieve their goals. The APR is an opportunity for supervisors to evaluate the performance and support the development of their faculty.

Be prepared for the meeting:

  • Review your APR before the meeting to anticipate any particular concerns.
  • If you feel that you are ready for promotion, be prepared to raise the issue with your supervisor.

Plan to negotiate for resources:

  • What resources do you need to achieve the goals and objectives you have set for the next year — protected time, funding, mentoring?

Expect a “mixed review”:

  • If you are asked to do more, where can you do less — clinic, teaching, scholarship, service?
  • If you are asked to improve your performance — scholarship, funding, educational activities, clinical productivity — what do you need to achieve the expectations set for you?

Next Steps

  • The faculty member may provide comments on their evaluation in Section XIII.
  • The Department Chair (if they are not the evaluator) provides an evaluation in Section XIV.
  • The form is submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs, where it is included in the faculty member’s permanent academic record.