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Governance Document of The University Of Massachusetts Worcester

Document T03-035 as Amended by the Board of Trustees September 18, 2013

The purpose of this Governance Document is four-fold.  First, it describes the administrative organization of the UMW campus.  Second, it defines the roles and duties of the governance structure.  Third, it establishes the governing bodies, their areas of governance, and the processes by which faculty and student affairs policies and program decisions are reviewed within UMW.  Fourth, and consistent with the principal of joint effort described in the above referenced Trustee Document T73-098, it provides a mechanism by which UMW’s faculty as a whole and representatives of the faculty and students participate through committees in the policy and decision-making processes that affect the UMW campus, and by which the UMW campus is informed of critical deliberations and decisions.

Click on the links below to review each Article.  Click here to download the complete Governance Document (pdf).


Article I: Definitions
Article II: Organizational Structure
Article III: Executive Authority
Article IV: Governance Structure
Article V: Governing Bodies
Article VI: Standing Committees
Article VII: Amendment