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Letters of Evaluation

Letters of evaluation are required for the review of candidates for appointment, promotion and tenure. The letters provide essential information to reviewers on the evaluation of a candidate’s contributions, achievements, and their academic reputation outside UMMS.

Faculty members are strongly recommended to develop a list of individuals who can be solicited for letters of evaluation at an early stage—ideally several years prior to their review for promotion or tenure.

Click here to download a guide on Letters of Evaluation (pdf).

The procedure for soliciting Letters of Evaluation is described here.

Letters of Evaluation are divided into three categories (APP Section 3.12.c):

Minimum Requirements for Letters

 Personnel Action

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3

Appointment/promotion to
Instructor/Assistant Professor

minimum 3

not required

any number

Appointment/promotion to
Associate Professor/Professor

minimum 3

minimum 3

any number

Award of Tenure

any number

minimum 5

any number

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