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IR Supply Coordinator Reduces Costs

The interventional radiology supply inventory has become more efficient, saved money and enhanced patient safety thanks to Matthew Marini, interventional radiology equipment & supply coordinator at the UMass Memorial, University Campus. Utilizing the WaveMark inventory system Matthew started removing older items, no longer used in the department. He checked through the inventory item by item, counting and adjusting the information in WaveMark for the true number of products, which he said were "way off." Matt worked with the department sales reps to put items on consignment and adjusted par levels to match what is used and needed.

Matthew runs usage reports on items almost daily to spot patterns of what physicians are using and requests for new items, adjusting pars when needed. He works with the physicians to reduce inventory due to non-usage. Action is taken right away to remove expired items and not re-ordering unless needed. Matt spends time finding less expensive items from different companies and having them added to general stores for cost savings, thus far too many items to count.

Matthew says "it's constant evaluation of everything we have here everyday and seeing if we need something more or less. I've stayed on top of item info so it cross into Epic for billing. I use WaveMark to its fullest to watch everything. When I started only about 40 percent of our items were being monitored by WaveMark, now it's more than 80 percent."

The report below illustrates Matthew's great work with numbers!

IR Supply Stats