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Visiting Scholar from Mongolia

Dr. Javzandolgor Nyamsambuu, visiting scholar from MongoliaDr. Javzandolgor Nyamsambuu, from Mongolia, completed a short-term Visiting Scholar with the Department of Radiology from August 12, to October 11, 2019.

Dr. Nyamsambuu is an attending radiologist at Luxmed Hospital in Mongolia. Last July, she moved to new Radiology center at the National Cancer Center of Mongolia founded according to the partnership agreement between state and private enterprises. Javzandolgor completed her radiology residency training in 2014 and is now a general radiologist seeking to build her specialty in body imaging with particular interests in MRI. In May of this year Dr. Young Kim visited Mongolia as a guest lecturer at an international conference and personally met with Dr. Nyamsambuu during this time. The President of Mongolian Society of Radiology, Dr. Gonchigsuren Dagvasumberel, recommended her for this short-term out-of- country visiting observership.

During her stay at UMass, she spent 50% of the time observing clinical cases, attending lectures and conferences, and viewing teaching cases. Dr. Javza spent the other 50% of the time developing a radiology teaching file for use in her department in Mongolia.

Javzandolgor Nyamsambuu and Patricia SutmanDr. Javza says "Generally, in Mongolia, diffuse and focal liver diseases are being detected and diagnosed by ultrasound, contrast-enhanced abdominal CT and liver biopsy. As Mongolia has one of the highest hepatitis C, B and B+D virus infection and liver cancer incidences in the world, we don’t perform liver MRI with contrast agent in daily clinical practice of our hospital. It is very new knowledge that how to perform liver MRI, how to read this exam and to review previous liver MR imaging at UMass for me. What I have learned at UMass will certainly be fundamental knowledge in my interpreting skill of Liver MRI." She has been living at the home of Dr. Patricia Sutman and had a wonderful time in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Patricia Sutman, who has also hosted former visiting fellows from Mongolia since 2015.