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Health Alliance Clinton - Stereo Breast Biopsy

HealthAlliance- Clinton Hospital is thrilled to announce that we have launched our new Stereotactic Breast biopsy services with the Hologic Affirm® Prone Breast Biopsy System at the Leominster Campus.
This system has the capacity to perform breast biopsies from all directions and can accommodate women with thin breasts (who previously had to undergo surgical biopsy) with the help of the innovative lateral C arm feature.  This system is a flat bed with soft cushioning and has different apertures to accommodate different sized breasts, providing added comfort to our patients. We did our first few patients, and I am amazed at the ease and speed in doing biopsies with this system.
We would like to extend this service to all patients within the UMass Memorial network and are happy to accommodate your patients who need a stereotactic biopsy. 
HA Stereotactic Breast Biopsy System