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Health Alliance Resident Rotation

Dr. Candace Potter, PGY5, Chief Radiology Resident pioneered the first radiology resident rotation at UMass Memorial Health Alliance Hospital from May 13 to May 31. During her three-week rotation Dr. Potter had the opportunity to perform a large range of procedures, including PICC line insertion at the Bedside in CCU and in the department, Joint injections, Lumbar punctures, paracentesis, thyroid and lymph nodes biopsies, Needle localization and Ultrasound guided breast biopsies, and CT guided lung, bone and abdominal biopsies and drainages.
The rotation is designed to provide senior residents with an opportunity to work more independently and gain confidence with procedures commonly performed at busy community sites. Dr. Potter demonstrated poise and skill with procedures and was well liked by radiology technologists and nurses. Says Dr. Potter: “This was an excellent rotation as a resident being able to perform procedures all-day as a primary operator. The faculty and staff were incredibly welcoming and fun to work with. The Leominster site is a hidden gem, providing the ideal experience to gain the necessary procedural skills for future practice”.
Dr. Amin Chaoui, Chief of Radiology at Health Alliance: “The rotation is a win-win, with great educational value for residents, but also a great way to facilitate and promote the integration of Health Alliance Hospital into the UMass Memorial family."
 Pictured from left to right:
 Coann Repole RT(R)(CT)
 Candace Potter MD
 Shambhavi Venkataraman, MD
 Chris Tetreault procedural technician
 Amin Chaoui, MD