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NERRS Core Exam Review Course

3rd annual NERRS Core Exam Review Course.  A comprehensive, rapid-fire, case review course.  Was held at the Assembly Row Conference Center in Somerville from May 17-19.  There were board reviews given by attending radiologists from all over new England over the 3 day course. Dr. Lacey McIntosh gave a review on the gallbladder, biliary system, and pancreas. Dr. Andrew Singer did ectopic pregnancy.  Dr. Alan Goldstein did Scrotal Ultraound and Dr. Mark Masciocchi did a talk on the US of the kidney and bladder.  They all were part of the US review section, which Carolynn DeBenedectis was the head of.  The UMass 3rd year residents all attended this course.

Dr. Andrew Singer - NERRS review course
Dr. Andrew Singer
Dr. Lacey McIntosh - NERRS review course
Dr. Lacey McIntosh
Dr. Mark Masciocchi - NERRS review course
Dr. Mark Masciocchi