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NAME(S): Robin Hounslow, Linda Anderson   Area: Hahnemann - Diagnostic

What is the problem/waste? Patients not sure of location of HFH and ANTI Coag Department

Idea: We made signs with arrows and put them on the wall so patients have another area to look at to identify where the departments are.

Date the idea was implemented: 1/8/2019

NAME(S): Tiffany Culberson   Area: University - Diagnostic

What is the problem/waste? Staff not aware of patient's Isolation Status

Idea: Have Isolation Status appear on the Face Sheet for all Radiology exams/procedures

Date the idea was implemented: 1/22/2019

NAME: Sheryl Szufat  Area: University - Diagnostic

What is the problem/waste? Difficulty locating pending Portable Exams.

Idea: Create a Public Work list in Epic for Portable examinations

Date the idea was implemented 1/23/2019

NAME(S): Troy Johnson/Jason Wilder  Area: University - Clerical Scheduling

What is the problem/waste? Pediatric Arthrogram patients not being scheduled in Epic, arriving from Shields thinking they have appointment.

Idea: Email distribution list setup including both outpatient urgent schedulers (Troy and Lisa) as well as clerical lead that accompanies every faxed request / order for pedi Arthrogram to be done with MRI.  This ensures the patient is visible to everyone in case someone is out when the scheduling request comes in and there is a viable paper trail that can be reviewed for confirmation.

Date the idea was implemented: 12/27/2018

NAME(S): Rox Bovin   Area: Hahnemann - Mammography

What is the problem/waste? Did not have an updated list of contacts with numbers and Fax number to attain previous films

Idea: Staff got together and compiled a list of areas we frequently request previous films from and updated it with the current contact number and fax number. This was distributed to staff to post in their areas for easy access.

Date the idea was implemented: 2/1/2019

NAME(S): Donna St. Clair, Kevin Reynolds   AREA: Memorial - Ultrasound

What is the problem/waste?  Patients asking Sonographers for results of exam

Idea: Post signage in waiting areas and exam rooms informing patients that Technologists/Sonographers can not provide results to patients. All information will be sent in the imaging report to the ordering provider - to share with the patient.

Date the idea was implemented: 2/6/2019

NAME(S): Marcia Amaral  AREA: Memorial - Mammography

What is the problem/waste?  The TAT time for Rads to protocol surgical breast cases can be tight if the patient needs Savi prior to surgery

Idea: Surgical admin will send the names of the patients that are having surgery at the same time, she gets the orders together rather than waiting to speak to the patient.This can be done, days or weeks in advance. This always everything to be done on the same day and sooner.

Date the idea was implemented: 2/15/2019