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OEE Update Application

Renewed OEEs are defined as currently active OEEs that will continue to run the following semester(s).

  • Select type of update this submission is providing
  • Update for a CURRENTLY OFFERED Optional Enrichment Elective
  • Proposal for a NEW Optional Enrichment Elective
  • Request with updated information to REINSTATE a previously offered Optional Enrichment Elective
  • Student LEADERSHIP update

Changes made to the original syllabus must be clearly defined under the Syllabus section. Please refer to the OEE rubric provided on the OEE webpage for specific requirements.

View the Proposal Rubric | Download editable version

Information will not be accepted without Faculty Advisor Approval

Optional Enrichment Elective Descriptive Information

note: incomplete proposals will not be accepted

During which T.H. Chan School of Medicine terms will this OEE be offered?

  • If the OEE is offered in Fall or Spring, select appropriate term and submit one application.
  • If the OEE is offered in both Fall and Spring, and offers the same curriculum, select the "Fall & Spring" option and submit one application.
  • If the OEE is offered in both Fall and Spring, each with their own curriculum, submit one application for each term.

Note: For required fields: type N/A if no update is necessary.

Syllabus | Include specific dates and times, location(s), faculty presenters, and learning methodologies. [please submit your OEE syllabus in word format below]

  • Note: No items should be listed as TBD or TBA.
  • Note: Proposed instructors and speakers must have availability for the scheduled dates and times.

Will this OEE be offered in person or virtually?

updated MAY 2022 | cjb