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Ethics - Patient and Visitors Vendor Relationships Policy

UMass Memorial seeks to ensure that all of our decisions – clinical and otherwise – are based on the integrity of our professional judgments, our research and our analyses, and not tainted in any way by the nature of our relationships with any outside parties. Above all, we recognize that the high trust placed in all of us by our patients, our community, our house staff and our medical students is a cherished privilege and must continually be earned. This policy does not seek to inhibit true scientific, independent and objective research or collaboration or to prohibit relationships with industry in support of these objectives. This policy establishes criteria to ensure the above objectives are met and that our decision making remains above reproach in fact and in appearance.

In general no gifts, sponsorship or anything of value of any kind may be accepted from any Clinical Vendor by any Clinical Personnel unless the gift or sponsorship meets a specific exception indicated in the Policy. “Gifts” are defined as anything of value - regardless of amount or value – and includes, but is not limited to pens, pads, stethoscopes, journals, textbooks, meals or other hospitality provided at any time or location (including individual or group meals and meals at local restaurants sponsored by Clinical Vendors) and tickets to sporting or other events.

Support for continuing medical education is permissible provided that funding is provided through the UMass Memorial Foundation and is restricted only at the clinical department level (not clinical division, program or faculty member). UMass Memorial employees and contracted personnel are prohibited from participating in or receiving compensation for talks given through Speakers Bureaus. All consulting activities should be supported by a contract which establishes duties, responsibilities and deliverables of the faculty member and which provides for fair-market value compensation. The duties and responsibilities should require the clinical, scientific and professional expertise of the faculty member and must not involve or be related to the marketing of industry products. Please reference the Policy on Vendor Relationships for more detail.