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Yixiao Fu, MD

Yixiao Fu, MD  We are pleased to introduce Dr. Yixiao Fu to you. Dr. Fu is a child psychiatrist in children mental health and parapsychology from Chongqing Medical University in China. She has ten years of experience and has seen many patients of schizophrenia, mood disorders, and neurosis. Dr. Fu will stay with us for 6 months as visiting scholar. She will spend time with Dr. Jean Frazier and the CANDI lab. During her stay, she hopes to learn more about early onset bipolar disorder and to hone her research skills so that she can take this expertise back to China. She loves children, exercise, and music. We all are particularly enthused about her visit and look forward to learning much about Chinese Psychiatry as well. Her interests have the potential to increase the faculty and staff’s understanding of different areas of psychiatry. We look forward to initiating collaborations that will lead to many future partnerships.