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Uncover Compassion

Listen with ears of Tolerance
See through eyes of Compassion
Speak with the language of Love


We invite you today to bring your curiosity and attention to one of the four fundamentals of leadership excellence: Compassion.  

In this moment, bring attention to where you are… in the mind… the body … the heart.

 What sensations and feelings do you notice?

Stay with the heart for a moment

… this space where your inherent capacity for compassion dwells.

Just notice and be gentle with wherever you are.

Simply be curious, without judgment

… as you uncover where your sense of compassion is in this moment. 

In your interactions today, notice when experiences of compassion arise. With intention and non-judgmental awareness, be present with it and with whomever may be sharing this moment with you. As you listen and respond to others, notice this familiar place and let it be with you through each unfolding moment throughout the day.