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Small Acts Towards Greatness

“In nature the difficult things are done in an easy manner, great things are made up by the acts of small things. This is the nature of nature, achieving greatness with no effort. This is the law of natural progression. The Sage is like nature in achieving greatness by practicing the law of natural progression in doing small acts to obtain greatness.”

~ Lao Tzu

 Where are you now in this moment? Bring into your awareness your physical location; your surroundings. As you become still and more attuned to your present moment experience, notice the natural flow of life existing around you and the sense of ease with in the here and now just as it is.

Experience the ease of these natural occurrences. No need to change anything; simply notice the natural order in place. As you focus your attention further, notice the moment without judgment and notice yourself as the observer of this flow. How are the activities occurring around you and how are they influencing your inner experience?

If there are colleagues or team members around you, notice their presence and how they are influencing your moment; how are their very actions in this moment influencing others, the greater good within your organization, your community and beyond?

Bring into consciousness the potential ripple effects of the activity occurring around you. How could the positive nature of these ripples be further enhanced through the infusion of your own greatness – your personal values, deeper inspirations, and passions?

Before you engage in small acts today, first take a moment to pause - bring compassion, acceptance and purposeful awareness towards the path that has led you here – to the present – and all you have accomplished and all you have yet to achieve. In your purposeful pauses today, simply be with this mindful space in your day that you have created to reflect on your leadership vision. Through these moments of stillness, notice any small acts you are being pulled towards that align with the flow around you and the natural progression towards greatness.

As you go a little deeper into clarifying your leadership vision today, continue to hold in your awareness the potential influence of your small acts in supporting a more mindful way of being in your workplace, and a more mindful health care.

Wishing you an abundance of ease and compassion in your small acts towards greatness!