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May this Moment Be Enough

"Be happy in the moment, that's enough. Each moment is all we need, not more."

~ Mother Teresa

Take a moment to tune in and reflect on Mother Teresa's powerful words - "each moment is all we need." 

We often suspend our ability to be happy and fulfilled in the present on some anticipated future event or perhaps a goal yet to be attained that we think we must happen first. It's also common to let our thoughts ruminate on an unpleasant past experience only to allow those experiences to disturb our potential for peace now.

We invite you to notice and appreciate in this very moment 

the sense of abundance that exists with in and around you.

Carry this awareness with you today.

Witness your experiences of joy, happiness, and gratitude 

with curiosity, intention, and attention. 

Pause and embrace in these experiences.

Fill yourself with a nice deep breath and notice where you are.

With a focused mind and an open heart, mindfully be

with this space in the day you have discovered where happiness has found you. 

May this quote be a reminder that happiness is always accessible. Be patient with wherever you are and whatever exists in the here and now - may it be enough to bring you peace.