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2011 High School Summer Intern

Suraj Subramanian Suraj Subramanian: "I applied to The Internship for High School students at the Center for Comparative NeuroImaging as an opportunity to better my understanding of biomedical engineering and medicine to make an informed decision concerning my future in either of those two fields. I spent my time with Meghan working on the research component of Neuroscience, I also spent some time with Dr. David Kennedy to get a sense of what biomedical engineering truly is. I was also lucky enough to spend a day with Dr. Pilitsis where I was able to observe three neuro surgeries and some clinical interactions with her Physicians Assistant John Grady. I also was able to watch an MRI scan of a patient with Dr. Elif Sikoglu. All of these experiences allowed me to understand the fields of neuroscience, medicine, and bio-medical engineering to a great extent. Many of my decisions throughout my undergraduate education and beyond will be determined through the wonderful experience I had at CCNI this summer."