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Patient Satisfaction Survey

Below are a few recent comments from the Mammography Patient Satisfaction Survey's. Keep up the good work!


“Maggie is so kind, experienced and efficient at her technologist job. She made this screening fast and easy.”

“The staff was extremely friendly yet professional. I would highly recommend this facility.”

“Instructing to wear the gown like a bathrobe was clear and very helpful. (Open in front/back is easily forgotten)”

"Rhonda was very pleasant. Extremely gentle. Awesome tech."

"Thank you. Staff professionalism was human and excellent. The facility isn't lovely and the entryway is dark and unwelcoming but I didn't really come for that. Nice and quick - which was most important."

"Thank you to all the ladies for making an uncomfortable situation very easy and complete professionalism. :-)"

"Like clockwork! Awesome professional - no waiting! Thank you!"

"Love the new tomo machine! All personnel were wonderful!!"


"Rhonda Rocks!"

"Very accommodating - I came the wrong day and they still saw me."

"Brenda was my tech - very professional, friendly and gentle."

"The new johnnies were very nice, comfortable and helped relieve stress!"

"This was my first time. Tech was amazing and made sure I was comfortable and informed. :-)  Thank you!"


"Please put some news based magazines in the waiting area - I do not read women's magazines or just popular press type magazines."

"Technician and receptionist are really friendly and helpful."

"7:30 appt. - letter said arrive 15 minutes early. No one to check in until 7:30, sat as only patient waiting to be taken."

"Leah was super comforting and just lovely - very concerned about my feelings during procedure. Roxanne - a very lovely lady. Thanks! XXXX"

Ambulatory Care Center

"The staff doing the procedure were outstanding especially Lisa. They made an uncomfortable procedure tolerable and followed up the next day to be sure I was alright."

"Each of these women was extremely professional and helped me feel at ease for a test that was foreign and stressful for me."

"Robin, Ginny and Dr. Watkins were Amazing!"

"Excellent visit, efficient, professional and caring! Kelly, the technologist was wonderful, kind and quick! Thanks!"

"Long wait after scheduled time & machinery full of dust/lint."