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Award for MSK LEAN Project Team

The Department received a UMMHC Green Belt for a successful Lean project for the Musculoskeletal (MSK) Division. The hospital initiated LEAN as a means for Less Waste More Time for Quality Care. The Department undertook "Improving Musculoskeletal Radiologist Efficiency." A poster presenting the project was authored by Hao S. Lo, MD and Department Administrator Randa Mowlood. In the problem statement they noted that several divisions in the Department of Radiology are operating at suboptimal efficiency. Thus impacting timely patient care, referring physician satisfaction, radiologist productivity, department financial performance and radiologist morale. Working with department members they reviewed the scope and background and set SMART goals. Reviewing root causes, countermeasures were developed and implemented.

Some of the lessons learned include:

  1. MSK radiologist efficiency is affected by numerous factors, related to technical, scheduling and clinical variables.
  2. Block Scheduling of MSK diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound/CT procedures was crucial for reducing waste and rework. This also improved productivity and patient access to care.
  3. Average length of exams for US MSK cases dropped significantly, providing the schedule for other access/volume.
  4. We improved patient and staff satisfaction by improving average on time/early room start time.
  5. MD and NP work flow changes were important for improving radiograph and MRI turnaround time and efficiency of CT procedures.
  6. Improving the workflow positively impacted the educational experience of the MSK fellow and satisfaction of the technologists.

The team hopes to transfer the learnings from this LEAN experience to other Radiology Divisions. A celebratory cake was enjoyed by the MSK Division Lean Project Team. Congratulations!

MSK Lean cake