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Holiday Gifts for Family

The Radiology Staff on the Memorial Campus took up two causes to support during the holiday season this year – both the Worcester County Food Bank and a family in need. Marcia Amaral spearheaded the project and thanks her staff with these words "I just want to thank everyone for the amazing response to the family in need. It went beyond what one could imagine. This will be a Christmas that the children and family will remember forever and it only happened because of your heartfelt generosity. Thank you all for your unending support.

The Call for Donations

This year for Christmas we have a family that we would like to help support but also I would like to put a box in the department for food that we can give the Worcester County Food Bank. Many times while shopping you see buy 1 get 1 free it would he helpful to families in need to grab the free one and add to our box.

Below is a more personal need. The suggestions will be posted in the light room but I’m sure they would appreciate anything including gift cards for clothing and basic needs down the road.

This is a young family with 2 small children. The father works several jobs and the mom also works full time. They are basically paycheck to paycheck. Recently the husband’s sister (a single mom with a tarnished past) passed away due to cancer leaving a 5 year old daughter with no parents. No other family in the picture so this young couple has taken it upon themselves to work towards obtaining custody of his young niece. When they were talking about Christmas recently, the  5 year old niece mentioned that SANTA never stopped at their house, she’s never had Christmas! Now they hope to be able to legally gain guardianship of this niece. Gifts are needed for a five year old girl, four year old boy and an 18 month old girl.

Thank you Memorial Radiology Staff!

Holiday Gifts from Memorial Radiology