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Section One: Academic Programs

I. MD Program
    A. Requirements for the MD Degree
    B.  MD Program Curriculum
           Transition to Medical School
           Prerequisites & Required Info Access to Clinical Exp.
           Formative Foundational Assessment (FFA)
           Transition to Core Clinical Experiences 
           Core Clinical Experiences (CCE) 
           Flexible Clinical Experience (FCE)
           Clinical Competency Requirement/ (CCCA)
           Electives/Advanced Studies (AS) 
           Transition to Internship
           Capstone Scholarship and Discovery Course
           Emergency Clinical Problem Solver
           Advanced Biomedical and Translational Sciences (ABTS)
II. MD/PhD PROGRAM at UMass Medical School 
III. 5 Year Combined Clinical/Translational Research & Master’s Degree in Clinical Investigation Program (CTRP/MSCI)          

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