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Auralyd Padilla, MD

Auralyd Padilla, MDAuralyd was a visiting fourth-year medical student from Puerto Rico interested in pursuing a Residency in Psychiatry. She came to UMass drawn by the great variety of electives it offers and to get a closer look into the program. She took the Child and Adolescent Sub Internship and the Mindfulness in Psychiatry elective. She intends to explore and learn this practice in an effort to gain knowledge of some tools to offer to her patients so that they can feel in more control of their situations and to visualize their conditions in a different way. “I believe the techniques and tools I am learning in this elective will be of great help for me, to improve my skills as a doctor,” commented Auralyd. She’s grateful for all the opportunities and experiences she has had at UMass and hopes to become part of the psychiatry program in the near future.