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2011 High School Summer Intern

Lena Rosenblum Lena Rosenblum: "In the summer before my junior year I was accepted into the Umass neuroscience and psychiatry summer intern program. I really felt that to explore my interests in a practical sense this would be a great opportunity. I spent a great deal of time with the incredible Dr. Torres-Stone and her work with sociological research with a specialty in medical disparities. Some goals of mine previous to the internship were to explore the field of genetics but after working with Dr. Torres-Stone I have grown interested in the more sociological side of neuroscience and psychiatry, although I still have strong interests in genetic mutations. Besides the sociological aspects of psychiatry, I became equally immersed in the research process and in specific how it applied to Dr. Torres-Stone's upcoming colorectal cancer study. Being well versed in the research process, Dr. Torres-Stone allowed me to observe her upcoming research focus on the psychological distress of the screening process for colorectal cancer. While my passion for neuroscience is underlying I would like to further distinguish what aspects of this broad field I would like to be involved in. Lastly I would like to thank Meghan, Teo, Dr. Ziedonis, Dr. Jean King, and Dr. Torres-Stone for the opportunity."