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Tobacco Research

Tobacco dependence is the most preventable cause of morbidity and premature mortality in the United States. The UMass Tobacco Research Group is engaged in all phases of tobacco research including preclinical investigations of nicotinic receptors in the brain, clinical investigations of treatments for tobacco dependence in psychiatric populations, and investigations of approaches for introducing and integrating best practices in tobacco treatment in psychiatric settings both in the US and abroad.


    • China
    • Connecticut
    • Clubhouse (Incorporating Tobacco Cessation Activities in a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program)
    • ATTOC in substance abuse treatment program and ambulatory medical clinics in the VHA (David Kalman and Megan Kelly)
  • Smoking Topography (Sangkeun Chung, MD & Sun Kim, PhD)
  • Tobacco Dependence Treatment for Asian Americans (NIH-NIDA) (Dr. Kim)
  • Randomized clinical trial of tobacco treatment for smokers in early alcohol recovery (PI: Kalman, RO1)
  • Investigation of extended treatment for smokers in the community (Co-PI: Kalman, RO1)
  • Neuroimaging ( Jean King, PhD)
    • Significance of Cholinergic Influence in ADHD
    • Imaging Nicotine-induced behavioral Sensitization with fMRI
  • Preclinical neurogenetics ( Andrew Tapper, PhD)
    • Neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and the response to alcohol
    • Nicotinic-dopamine receptor interaction in a novel Parkinsonian mouse model
  • Peer interventions (Colleen McKay)
  • Community Prevention Project (Wellness Initiative)
  • Mindfulness and tobacco- Lisa Mistler, MD
  • Mobile Technology (Thomas Houston)