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Summer Curriculum Development Program

The summer curriculum development service program will:  

  • Build on successful projects from prior curriculum development fund efforts that partner students with faculty on focused areas of curricular need as identified by curriculum leaders
  • Support specific curriculum review and development a time of prime student availability to conclude tasks
  • Assist students’ professional development in an area of need for medical education

The summer service program is targeted at students interested in impacting medical education at UMass through curriculum review and development and is appropriate to students who are considering a career as a medical educator.  This 8-week program is open to students in good standing in the summer between their FOM1 and FOM2 years.  Accepted students will work with OUME and curriculum leaders on approved educational projects of mutual interest and value to the student and institution, and in support of educational innovation at the School of Medicine.  Curriculum development funds will support student stipends for their work on approved projects.   

Accepted students will be matched with approved projects proposed by faculty, and will work with those faculty and members of the school’s educational leadership in order to complete tasks and create materials in the 8-week period.  Relevant work will be shared at the summer research poster session in the fall.  Topics could include: program assessment, curriculum module development including simulation, simulation, faculty development tools, curriculum review to enhance diversity, etc. 

Faculty responsibility is to identify and describe a project to meet an area of need, meet with the student periodically to review progress and ongoing issues, support student successful completion of work and design of a poster describing their work for presentation at a fall student poster session.  Students will also meet weekly as a group in the OUME to share progress, challenges and problem-solve solutions.

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