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Summer Service-Learning Assistantship Program

Coordinated in conjunction with the department of Family Medicine and Community Health, the Summer Service-Learning Assistantship Program offers rising second-year medical students the opportunity to work in a wide variety of community-based health, educational and human service organizations across the Commonwealth during the summer months.

The main goals of the program are to provide unique service-learning experiences for future physicians, help students understand the connection between an individual’s health and a community’s health, enhance students’ understanding of community health care problems and needs of underserved populations, offer employment opportunities for medical students, and provide community based organizations with needed staffing and services. For the UMass Chan Medical School, the program establishes and strengthens relationships with community-based health, education and human service organizations that work with underserved populations across the state. 

You can find more detail and application materials on the FMCH website under “Community Health”.

Summer Services Learning Assistantship Program Poster List 2014