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Manager Nominated Spot Awards Program


The Spot Awards Program provides UMass Chan managers the opportunity to acknowledge employees for "above and beyond" performance, service or extraordinary behavior.


Nomination Eligibility Criteria

All UMass Chan benefited employees are eligible. The program consists of the different award categories as shown below. Directions to nominate an employee or group of employees for an award are included within the forms. Click on the appropriate form below to nominate.

The awards for the Manager Nominated Spot Awards Program require approval before communication to an employee. Click the following link to access the Nomination Form for the UMass Chan Manager Nominated Spot Awards Program.

"Lunch On Us Award" - Manager nominates employee(s) for a single "above and beyond" performance, service or extraordinary behavior. Recipient receives a $10 cafeteria gift card in appreciation. See examples for eligibility below.

  • Volunteering to help another or providing exceptional service 
  • Working beyond their assigned work schedule to complete a time sensitive project
  • Exhibiting extra effort or initiative to complete an assignment

"Appreciation Award" - Manager nominates employee(s) for multiple or consistent "above and beyond" performances, services or extraordinary behaviors. Upon approval, the manager may announce the Spot Award to the recipient, who may select their gift from the Spot Gift Awards Selection Form. See examples for eligibility below.

  • Consistent demonstration of the activities/behaviors cited above (multiple occurrences over time)
  • Accomplishment of an activity/project with substantial impact on group or department