Special Awards Program




The Special Awards Program provides all UMMS Department Heads the opportunity to acknowledge employees that were key contributors to the success of a major accomplishment. As a result of these extraordinary "above and beyond" performances, the University moves ahead in pursuit of its mission. 

Nomination requires an employee has fulfilled all job duties and in addition has performed "above and beyond" the scope of their responsibilities, with achievement in one or more of the following:





 Supporting efforts toward the national distinction of UMMS

  • Demonstrated superior performance outside the scope of their responsibilities that contributed to the goals of the University
  • Provided an exceptional level of documented customer or client service
  • Created significant cost savings or revenue generation to the University
  • Developed innovation contributing to the University's mission
  • Significantly improved the effectiveness of a University process

Awards will be monetary with amounts recommended and paid by the Department Head and approved by senior management. The award will be reflective of the level of impact to the University.

Nomination Eligibility Criteria

UMMS benefited employees with a minimum of one year employment and a rating of "meets" or above in their most recent performance evaluation are eligible to be nominated for a Special Award by a Department Head. 

Click the following link to access the Nomination Form for the UMMS Special Award Form