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Travel to Canada

Canada is a popular travel destination for many UMass Chan international students and employees due to its close proximity to the Worcester area.  Although travel to Canada may be easier and cheaper than many destinations, as a non-immigrant in the United States, you must still carry all documents recommended for travel outside the United States. 

Canadian Entry Visa Stamp

Consult the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website to determine if you need a Canadian visa stamp to enter Canada. Please check their website or call them for specifics on the application process. Immigration Services cannot provide assistance in obtaining a Canadian entry visa.

Entry to Canada

Check your passport and United States immigration documents prior to travel to ensure that your documents are valid beyond the date of your intended return to the United States and that you have any required signatures where applicable.  

Re-Entry to the United States 

Foreign Nationals must have all appropriate U.S. visa documents to return to the U.S. after traveling to Canada.  Please review Documentation for International Travel for additional information.

Some individuals traveling to Canada for fewer than 30 days may be eligible to re-enter the United States from Canada with an old or expired visa stamp if the visa is expired or if they have changed immigration status since their last entry to the U.S.  This is referred to as "automatic visa revalidation".  Please review our Automatic Visa Revalidation Handout for additional details on this process.