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Room Host: AHEC Scholars / Linda Cragin

Presentations:  (Please note the first two presentations were not recorded.  Sorry for the inconvenience.)

Accountable Care in MassHealth: Focus on the Public Payor Response to Covid-19
Coming Home: Exploring the Challenges of Community Reentry after Incarceration
Introduction to Veteran's / Military Health Issues
Improving the Health of Latinos in Lawrence by Identifying and Addressing Social Determinants of Health
HIV in Massachusetts


Room Host: Suzanne Cashman

Presentations:  (Please note this recording is not complete due to a power outage.  Sorry for the inconvenience.)

Health Equity of Minority Populations:  Examining the Disparity of COVID19 Infection Rate for People of Color in Rural Cape Cod
Advocacy and Health Equity for Sexual & Gender Minorities
Listening to Unheard Voices:  Making Opioid Interventions More Effective by Humanizing Addiction


Room Host: PHC / Heather-Lyn Haley


Examining Racism as a Public Health Crisis
Living with a Disability
See it My Way:  Worcester's VIPs (visually impaired population)
Worcester's Black Families
Seeking Refuge During a Pandemic:  Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health in Lowell, MA


Room Host: MCPHS / Jason Cross


Geriatrics:  Fall Risk and Prevention for Older Adults
Rural Transportation 2020: Quaboag Connector - a Lifeline for Low Income Residents/Seniors/Persons with Disabilities
Mason Square Neighborhood:  Addressing Food Insecurity & Barriers to Resources During Covid-19
Uran Neighborhoods:  Addressing food insecurity by implementing a farm to preschool initiative
Post-Incarceration Services for Persons with Substance Use Disorders in the Quaboag Hills


Room Host: Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing  /Jill Terrien


Injury Prevention IS Public Health (Worcester DPH & UMMHC Injury Prevention Program)
DR Batey Health Initiative
Oral Health and the Impact on Overall Health in Worcester and Beyond
Worcester Healthy Baby Collaborative Breastfeeding and Safe Sleep Project
Parenting & Family Stability


Room Host: PURCH / Justin Ayala


Evaluating the impact of Behavioral Health Telehealth Models in Quality Performance within the BeHealthy Partnership (ACO)
Access without Stigma:  Expanding Gender Affirming Hormone Care at Tapestry
Assessment Process:  Evaluating the Needs of Residents with Dementia at Armbrook Village
Healing Springfield:  Promoting Physical and Mental Health through Tree Plantings
Rural Health Network of Franklin County and the North Quabbin


Room Host: OUME / Melissa Fischer


Community CPR:  Saving Lives is All in Your Hands!
Language Access and Patient Encounters
Moving Worcester:  Meeting Worcester's Leaders in Physical Activity Promotion
Prehospital Care and Disaster Management PHC:  Care Beyond the Confines of the Clinic
Providing Compassionate Care to Worcester's Homeless Population


Population Health Clerkship Introduction


Greater Worcester Community Health Improvement Plan 


Operationalizing the Social Determinants of Health
October 19, 2020


Aligning Population Health Strategy


Substance Use Disorder & Addiction


Rural Health Challenges - CHNA - Community Health Network Areas
October 21, 2020


Health Literacy
October 22, 2020


COVID19 Contact Tracing
October 22, 2020


Prescription CPR
October 23, 2020


Health Disparities of Worcester
October 23, 2020


Ask an Epidemiologist


Occupational Health