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Oral Health Education at UMass

Oral health education is becoming a national priority for medical education. Why? Again, oral disease is prevalent and has serious consequences. 

In the 2000 Surgeon General Report the evidence of oral health interventions was summarized calling upon medical educators to improve oral health training in health education. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) Reports (April 2011, July 2011) on oral health specifically addressed the role of medical providers.

The American Association of Medical Colleges(AAMC) also issued an outline in 2008 of what medical schools should be addressing in oral health education. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) added oral health care requirements with the aim of promoting increased pediatric and family medicine resident training in oral health. Board exams also include oral health questions for pediatric providers.

Training efforts have taken an inter-professional emphasis through the National Interprofessional Initiative in Oral Health. Finally, in the practice domain, over 40 states now reimburse pediatric primary care providers to perform oral health screenings and apply fluoride varnish.

UMass Chan Medical School has shown a commitment to improving oral health education for its students. Oral health is being added to every course over time. Click here for an update of the curriculum. 

The UMass Family Medicine Residency has also added oral health to its formal curriculum. Click here to view the curriculum.