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Overview of Research
Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

Click here for a complete list of departmental research studies

The Department’s research program is built around a core of experienced, motivated researchers working on common themes that relate to the Department’s mission. Their nationally recognized work adds to the Department’s reputation as a leader in Family Medicine and Community Health. Our investigators’ mentorship of faculty encourages others to develop their research skills and to participate in research studies.

The Department’s investigators and growing research activities benefit from close collaborations with key partners including ForHealth Consulting, the Meyers Primary Care Institute, and the medical school’s recently established Department of Quantitative Health Science. We continue to enhance our approaches to research collaboration with community practices and partners to be bi-directional and responsive to community priorities. 

Our department’s research focuses on four key thematic areas important to the advancement of primary care to meet the current challenges of healthcare reform. Examples of currently-funded projects include:

1. Eliminating health disparities in access and outcomes in primary care.
Supporting patients with limited health literacy, identifying racial and ethnic differences
in colorectal cancer survival rates and understanding perceived bias in medical care

2. Understanding Racial and Ethnic Differences in Survival from Colorectal Cancer
PI: Chyke Doubeni, MD
Funding Source: National Cancer Institute

3. Managing chronic illness in primary care.
Researching intervention models in the management of chronic disease including
diabetes, cardiovascular disease, behavioral health problems and chronic pain

4. Controlling Disease Using Inexpensive IT- Hypertension in Diabetes: CONDUIT-HID
PI: Barry Saver, MD
Funding Source: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

5. Screening and treatment of behavioral health and addiction problems.
Integrating primary care and behavioral health services for underserved
at-risk populations including homeless mothers with children and pregnant women

6. Meeting the Needs of Pregnant Women with PTSD in Healthy Start 2012 HRSA MCH
PI: Linda Weinreb, MD
Funding Source: Health Resources and Services Administration: Maternal Child and Health

7. Developing health promotion and prevention services.
Enhancing specialized screening programs for primary care patients, including breast
cancer screening in non-adherent women, development of a cancer screening reminder
system, and understanding nicotine addiction among youth smokers

8. Promoting Breast Cancer Screening in Non-Adherent Women
PI: Roger Luckmann, MD
Funding Source: National Cancer Institute

9. Influence and Evidence: Understanding Consumer Choices in Preventive Care 2012 PCORI
PI: Barry Saver, MD
Funding Source: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute


Click here for a complete list of departmental research studies