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Maternal & Child Health / Infant Mortality

Maternal & Child Health/ Infant Mortality


  • A Longitudinal Study of Health Care Utilization Among Pregnant and Postpartum Homeless Women and Their Infants (HRSA) – Robin Clark, PhD and Linda Weinreb, MD
  • Mindfulness-Centered Pregnancy Initiative at the Family Health Center Prenatal Care Program (UMass Chan Public Service Award) – Jennifer Moffitt
  • Worcester, A Baby Box City: Interdisciplinary Lessons in Community Engagement (Remillard Community Service Award) – Tasmina Hydery, Pharm D, Sara Shields, MD and Cathy Violette
  • Worcester Healthy Babies Collaborative (March of Dimes) – Heather Lyn Halley, PhD
  • Rapid Access to Perinatal Psychiatric Care in Depression Program (CDC) – Linda Weinreb, MD


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  • Hugh Silk: “Oral Health During Pregnancy” (Massachusetts Dental Hygiene Association Annual Meeting)
  • Hugh Silk: “Caring for the Perinatal Patient in the Dental Setting” (Yankee Dental Congress)
  • Jennifer Moffitt: “Implicit and Explicit Biases and the Chronic Stress of Racism: Using the Mindfulness-based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) Model for Decreasing Stress and Increasing Resilience” (ACNM Annual Meeting)
  • Jennifer Moffitt: “Mindfulness-based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP): Decreasing Health Disparities and Increasing Resilience” (ACNM Annual Meeting)
  • Jennifer Moffitt: “Mindfulness-based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP): Bringing Mindfulness to Women and Families – Decreasing Disparities and Increasing Resiliency” (Partners in Perinatal Health Conference)
  • Jennifer Moffitt: “Addressing Health Disparities and Increasing Resilience: Mindfulness with Women and Families in Low Income, Inner City and Rural Populations” (ACNM Annual Meeting)
  • Linda Long-Belil, Monika Mitra et al.: “Barriers and Facilitators to Providing Prenatal Care to Women with Physical Disabilities: Perspectives from Health Care Practitioners” (American Public Health Association annual meeting)
  • Linda Long-Belil, Monika Mitra et al.: “Experiences and Unmet Needs of Women with Physical Disabilities for Pain Relief During Labor and Delivery” (American Public Health Association annual meeting)
  • Carolyn Langer: “Designing Alternative Payment Models to Support Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs” (Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs annual meeting)
  • Virginia Van Duyne et al: “Results from a National CERA Study of the Use of Laborists and Family Medicine Residency Training” (Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Annual Spring Conference)

Student Projects:

  • Jennifer Long (with Sara Shields, MD and Jennifer Moffitt, CNW)

Centering Pregnancy: Comprehensive Prenatal Care

  • Gianina Monestime with Sara Shields, MD and Sara Casey, MD (Family Health Center of Worcester)

Group Prenatal Visits: A 10-Year Review of the Impact on Mother and Baby Outcomes

Research Forum Topics:

  • October 20, 2017:

Patricia Seymour, MD, MS – “Breastfeeding Education in the Worcester Family Medicine Residency: Training the Trainers”

  • March 16, 2018:

Tasmina Hydery, PharmD (ForHealth Consulting / Clinical Pharmacy Services) – “Optimization of Pharmacotherapy for the Prevention of Preterm Births”