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Access to Care, Utilization

Access to care and utilization/ health service use patterns


  • Closing the Loop in Child Tuberculosis Contact Management: Predictors and Completion of Therapy Outcomes in Western Kenya (UMass Chan Global Health funding) – Daria Szkwarko, DO
  • National Epidemiological Survey of Women in Primary Care Practices: Substance Use and Mental Health Service Needs and Barriers (NIAAA) – Carole Upshur, EdD and Linda Weinreb, MD
  • A Longitudinal Study of Health Care Utilization Among Pregnant and Postpartum Homeless Women and Their Infants (HRSA) – Robin Clark, PhD and Linda Weinreb, MD
  • Direct Engagement of Stakeholders in Translating CER into Clinical Guidelines (PCORI) – Roger Luckmann, MD, MPH
  • High Deductible Health Plans in Massachusetts: Adoption of HDHPs and Patterns of Health Care Utilization and Spending (Massachusetts Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA)) – Wen-Chieh Lin, PhD
  • Rapid Access to Perinatal Psychiatric Care in Depression Program (CDC) – Linda Weinreb, MD


  • Daria Szkwarko. Child Contact Management in High Tuberculosis Burden Countries: A Mixed Methods Systematic Review. 2017. https://doi.dorg/10/1371/journal.pone.0182185.
  • Bittie BehlChadha, Judy Savageau, Monica Bharel, Michael Gagnon, PeiPei Lei, and Carla Hillerns. Comparison of Patient Experience between a Practice for Homeless Patients and Other Practices Engaged in a Patient-Centered Medical Home Initiative. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 2017;28:1151–1164.
  • E Wittenberg, M Bharel, JF Bridges, Z Ward and Linda Weinreb. Using Best-Worst Scaling to Understand Patient Priorities: A Case Example of Papanicolaou Tests for Homeless Women. Ann Fam Med 2016;14(4):359-364.
  • Stephen Earls, Judy Savageau, Sue Begley, Barry Saver, Kate Sullivan and Alan Chuman. Can Scribes Boost FPs Efficiency and Job Satisfaction? J Family Practice 2017;66(4):206-214.


  • Suzanne Cashman and Monica Lowell (along with UMass Chan medical students): “Collaborating to Improve Outcomes: An Interprofessional Student Approach to Hot Spotting” (American Public Health Association annual meeting)
  • Leonard Finn: “Leading Group Visits for Obese Patients: How to Listen, Plan, Implement and Use Billing Codes for Effective Intervention” (AAFP FMX Meeting)
  • Mark Fitzgerald and Daniel Wemple: “Triple Aiming at High Utilizers: A Novel Complex Care Management program in a Residency Outpatient Clinic” (Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Annual Spring Conference)
  • Debi Lang et al: “Facilitating Access to Health Coverage and Care by Advancing Consumer Self-Sufficiency” (poster; American Public Health Association annual meeting)
  • Linda Long-Belil: “Predisposing, Enabling and Need Factors Leading to Nursing Facility Readmission after Transition to the Community” (American Public Health Association annual meeting)
  • Judy Savageau: “Assessing Disparities in Mental Health Screening and Services Before and After Implementation of an Innovative Statewide Program for Children with Medicaid” (Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting)

Student Projects:

  • Gianina Monestime with Sara Shields, MD and Sara Casey, MD (Family Health Center of Worcester)

Group Prenatal Visits: A 10-Year Review of the Impact on Mother and Baby Outcomes

  • Trupti Ingle

Hotspotting: UMass Chan-UMMHC Task Force on Inpatient Super-Utilization

Advisor: Suzanne Cashman, ScD

  • Patrick Alvarado

Resources for Patients Seeking to Understand and Resolve Hospital Bills

Advisor: Robin Clark, PhD

  • Jeremy Vincent

Diabetic Registry Preplanning Pilot Program

Advisor: Amber Sarkar, MD

Research Forum Topics

  • February 16, 2018:

Robin Clark, PhD – “Health Care Use by Families Before Becoming Homeless. Can We Identify At-risk Families Earlier?”

  • March 17, 2017:

Kimberly Lenz, PharmD (Office of Clinical Affairs; Center for Health Policy and Research) and Bonnie Greenwood, PharmD, BCPS (Clinical Pharmacy Services; ForHealth Consulting) – “An Evaluation of the Change in Average Opioid Dose Before and After Sequential Reductions in MassHealth’s Opioid Limits”

  • October 21, 2016:

Paul Kirby, MA (Center for Health Policy and Research/Office of Clinical Affairs) – “Impact of a Pediatric-focused Medical Home Learning Collaborative on Preventable Emergency Department Visits by Publicly-insured Children in Massachusetts”