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Population and Community Health Clerkship: Caring for Populations Within Their Communities

The Population and Community Health Clerkship (PCHC) is a team-based, interprofessional, community engaged experience required of all second year medical and graduate nursing students. Students are placed in small groups directed by academic and community preceptors from a range of professions and disciplines.  Each team’s experience is unique.

Note our new name -
the Population Health Clerkship is now the Population and Community Health Clerkship. 
You can reach us at PCHC@umassmed.edu .  

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The overarching goal of the PCHC is to provide relevant real-world context as students expand their understanding of public and population health concepts.

PCHC Planning Group Contact Information

  • Please direct inquiries to PCHC@umassmed.edu
  • Heather-Lyn Haley PhD, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health and Director, Population and Community Health Clerkship; 774-441-6366; Heather-Lyn.Haley@umassmed.edu
  • Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Medical Education, UMMS-Baystate; tbd@umassmed.edu
  • Suzanne Cashman ScD, Professor and Director for Community Health, UMMS; 774-442-2903; Suzanne.Cashman@umassmed.edu
  • Linda Cragin, Director, MassAHEC Network; 508-856-4303;  Linda.Cragin@umassmed.edu
  • Janet Hale  PhD, RN, FNP, Professor and Associate Dean for Interprofessional & Community Partnerships; 508-856-5769; Janet.Hale@umassmed.edu
  • Sarah Perez McAdoo MD MPH, Co-Leader Capstone Scholarship and Discovery Course & Brightwood House Affiliate, UMMS-Baystate; 413-262-5041; Sarah.McAdoo@umassmed.edu
  • Jill M. Terrien PhD, ANP-BC, Associate Professor and Director of Adult-Gerontology, Family Psych Mental Health  NP Programs, GSN; 508-856-6622; Jill.Terrien@umassmed.edu
  • Tina Stratis, Education Specialist, Office for Undergrad Medical Education;Tina.Stratis@umassmed.edu 
Carnegie Recipient 2015