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Information for Clinical Preceptors/Elective Hosts

Rachel Wasserman, DNP student, with preceptor Judy Jones, DNP of Island Health Care

Why should I host a Rural Health Scholar? Students can bring new energy to your practice, share access to the latest research, and more. This is a rewarding opportunity to train the next generation, and cultivate interest in your practice setting. As a preceptor you have a unique opportunity to facilitate a student’s professional development! You may also be able to receive CEUs, depending on your clinical license.

Roles and Responsibilities:

T.H. Chan School of Medicine:

The Longitudinal Preceptor Program (LPP) at UMass Chan is an integral curricular piece in which students are paired with a physician to practice history taking and physical exam skills, as well as learning the basics of a medical practice.  The LPP program is part of the required Doctoring and Clinical Skills Course (DCS) in Years 1 & 2. The experience lasts for approximately 1 ½ years with any individual student. Preceptors can choose to work with up to two students each year (one each from the first and second year classes).

Preceptors in rural or small town communities are matched with students in the rural health scholars pathway.

For more information, visit  https://www.umassmed.edu/oume/curriculum/longitudinal-preceptor-program/

Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing:

If you will be precepting a nurse practitioner student, you will be given access to an online portal that provides you with “one-stop” access to key information and resources to assist you in the training of Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing students.  It will allow you to “meet” Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing faculty and will provide you with orientation materials and helpful resources.

Your main role will be to guide the student as he/she develops and refines history taking, physical exam, clinical reasoning skills and to formulate management plans needed to care for the health and illness states of patients and their families. The student will develop clinical objectives based on the course objectives and discuss with you at the beginning of the clinical practicum. The number of patients seen by the student on a daily basis will be determined by the preceptor in collaboration with the student, guided by both patient acuity and the student’s skill level with that patient population.  At the end of the semester you will be asked to submit an electronic evaluation of the student. 


T.H. Chan School of Medicine & Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing:

It is not your responsibility personally to host or find housing for your student. It is the student’s responsibility to secure housing and funding, if necessary. However, your student may ask you if you have ideas or connections with people who may be willing to host. Any resources you are able to share are greatly appreciated. 

Affiliation Agreement:

T.H. Chan School of Medicine & Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing:

In order for the student to receive course credit, an affiliation agreement must be in place between the clinical site and the school. An affiliation agreement must be in place if the student will be working directly with patients in a clinical setting. It is the student’s responsibility to check to see if this is already in place; if not, either the student or faculty will be reaching out to you to initiate this process.