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Underserved Workforce Studies, Health Professions Ed

Underserved Workforce Studies, Health professions ed


  • Community Health Workers Using Patient Stories to Support Hypertension Management (NIMHD) – Lee Hargraves, PhD and Warren Ferguson, MD
  • AHEC: Area Health Education Center (HRSA) – Linda Cragin, MS
  • Massachusetts AHEC Learning and Library Resources Service Program (NLM) – Elaine Martin, DA


  • Daria Szkwarko and Olga Valdman. An Assessment of International Family Medicine Faculty Development Priorities. Research Brief – PRiMER (Peer-Reviewed Reports in Medical Education Research). https://journals.stfm.org/primer/2017/johnston-2017-0011.
  • Joanne Calista. Moving the Advance Care Planning Needle with Community Health Workers (editorial). Medical Care 2017;55(4):315-318.
  • Dan Mullin, Barry Saver, Judy Savageau, Forsberg L, Forsberg L. Evaluation of Online and In-Person Motivational Interviewing Training for Healthcare Providers. Family, Systems and Health 2016;34(4):357-366.
  • Stacy Potts et al. Residency Training in Family Medicine: A History of Innovation and Program Support. Family Medicine 2017;49(4):275-281.
  • Tina Runyan. “Joy” in the Practice Requires Workforce Wellbeing. Families, Systems and Health 2017; 35(4):513-514.
  • Tina Runyan, Judy Savageau, Stacy Potts and Linda Weinreb. Impact of a Family Medicine Resident Wellness Curriculum: A Feasibility Study. Medical Education OnLine 2016;21.30648 
  • Judy Savageau, Linda Cragin, Warren Ferguson, Laura Sefton, and Joan Pernice. Recruitment and Retention of Community Health Center Primary Care Physicians post Massachusetts Health Care Reform: 2008 vs 2013 Physician Surveys. J Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 2016;27:1011-1032.
  • Carole Upshur, DM Wrighting, G Bacigalupe et al. The Health Equity Scholars Program: Innovation in the Leaky Pipeline. J Racial Ethn Health Disparities 2017 – epub ahead of print.


  • Suzanne Cashman and Monica Lowell (along with UMass Chan medical students): “Collaborating to Improve Outcomes: An Interprofessional Student Approach to Hot Spotting” (American Public Health Association annual meeting)
  • Hugh Silk: “Engaging Health education Programs in Oral Health” (Oral Health for All 2020 Conference)
  • Ivonne McLean: “Beyond #WhiteCoats4BlackLives: Perspectives on Racism, Implicit Bias, and Diversity Education within Family Medicine Residency Programs” (Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Annual Spring Conference)
  • Lisa Gussak, Phil Fournier, and Anthony Larusso: “Physician, Heal Thyself: Dealing with Substance Use Disorders in Medical Students” (STFM Conference on Medical Student Education)
  • Dan Mullin and Sandy Blount: “Building the PCBH Workforce by Developing Non-Clinician Team Members” (Collaborative Family Healthcare Association conference)
  • Tina Runyan et al: “Fostering Wellness in the Clinical Learning Environment: A Systems Approach to Caring for Caregivers (AAMC Annual Meeting)

Student Projects:

  • Jorge Finke

Preparation of Latino High School Students for Careers in Health Care: The Lawrence Mentorship Program

Advisor: Jaime Vallejos, MD, MPH

  • Yevgeniya Malinkovich Harrington

Burnout Assessment and Prevention at the YWCA Central MA: Promoting Wellness and Preventing Burnout with the Help of UMass Chan Students

Advisor: Alan Chuman, MPH

Research Forum Topics

  • NONE