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Application Requirements


                                      Please use this link to apply for this postdoctoral fellowship ( it will direct you to the APPA CAS portal). 

Prior completion of all doctoral degree requirements in clinical or counseling psychology from an APA/CPA-accredited program is required. This program requires either an APA/CP Accredited internship or an internship meeting APPIC standards.

We give preference to candidates with demonstrated experience in primary care, family medicine, and/or behavioral medicine/health psychology. Successful candidates commonly have practicum and internship experiences in primary care settings. Family therapy training is also valued.  

Bilingual (English/Spanish) candidates are especially sought after. Candidates who show enthusiasm for working in a diverse workforce with a diverse patient population are sought. Minority and candidates with disabilities are strongly urged to apply.

We are an APPIC affiliated program and will follow their guidance about post-doctoral selection processes and timing. We adhere to the APPIC uniform notification date for post-doctoral selection. We will be accepting applications via the APPA CAS. After October 1st, more information will be available here

This is a two-year position. Advancement to year two is expected and encouraged. During the first-year fellows will be asked to sign a commitment letter confirming their acceptance of a second year of training. In rare instances, if advancement criteria are not met, a fellow may not be invited to continue training a second year; however, opportunity for remediation would be offered before this.

Successful completion of this training program meets postdoctoral supervised practice requirements for licensure in Massachusetts.