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Oral Health Training for Medical Providers

Up-to-date, evidence based trainings and guidelines can now be accessed in two ways from the award winning Smiles for Life curriculum that has been endorsed by the following organizations: American Association of Public Health Dentistry; Academy of Family Physicians; Society of Teachers of Family Medicine; American Academy of Pediatrics; National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and American Association of Public Health Dentistry, among others including a letter of commendation from the ADA.

1) Go to the website for Smiles for Life.  Note that there are on-line versions for personal use and also downloadable versions for teaching purposes that comes complete with speaker notes, post-test questions, patient handouts, etc. Topics include Systemic-Oral Health, Pediatric Oral Health, Adult Oral Health, Geriatric Oral Health, Pregnancy and Oral Health, Urgent Care Issues, Fluoride Varnish training, and the Oral Exam for Pediatrics and Adults.

2) All of the messages contained in the Smiles for Life training can be downloaded onto your iPhone. Check out the app page or go to the iPhone app store and type in "Smiles for Life".