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Intellectual & Mobility Disability

Intellectual and Mobility Disability


  • Systematic Review of Oral Health Interventions Aimed to Reduce Health Disparities in Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (AADMD and CDC ) – Alexandra Bonardi, PhD
  • Health Surveillance of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities (CDC) – Alexandra Bonardi, OTR/L, MHA


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  • Deborah Dreyfus et al: “Attitudinal Changes in Residents After and Exposure-based Curriculum on Intellectual Disabilities” (Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Annual Spring Conference)
  • Elaine Gabovitch: “Solving the Autism Puzzle for Your State: A Review of ASD/DD Planning and Implementation Activities for 4 States” (Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs 2017 annual conference)
  • Emily Lauer: “Perspectives from Longitudinal Mortality for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in the U.S.” (American Public Health Association annual meeting)
  • Linda Long-Belil, Monika Mitra et al.: “Barriers and Facilitators to Providing Prenatal Care to Women with Physical Disabilities: Perspectives from Health Care Practitioners” (American Public Health Association annual meeting)
  • Linda Long-Belil, Monika Mitra et al.: “Experiences and Unmet Needs of Women with Physical Disabilities for Pain Relief During Labor and Delivery” (American Public Health Association annual meeting)
  • Santosh Verma et al: “Circumstances of Injury Causing Falls Among Community-dwelling U.S. Adults by Age and Gender” (poster; American Public Health Association annual meeting)
  • Linda Long-Belil: “Health Needs of People who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing” (session moderator; American Public Health Association annual meeting)

Student Projects:

  • Aqib Chaudhry

Preventing Falls in the Elderly

Advisor: Erika Oleson, MD

  • Rachel LeBlanc

Caring for Patients with Autism: How to Embrace a “Pediatric” Disorder in an Adult Care Setting

Advisor: Robert Baldor, MD

Research Forum Topics

  • November 17, 2017:

Jack Gettens, PhD (Center for Health Policy and Research) – “Geography of Disability”