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2023 Annual Department Retreat: Powerpoint Presentations
May 11, 2023 


Diane McKee, MD, MS and Philip Day, PhD
"Vision 2030 Progress, Next Steps" 

Plenary presentation  
 Ron Adler, MD, FAAFP and Dennis Dimitri, MD, FAAFP

"Advocacy: Influencing the Legislative Process to Improve the Future
of Family Medicine"

Jennifer Bradford, MD; Heather-Lyn Haley, PhD; Lynn Hernandez, PhD; and Celestine Warren, MD
"Engaging in Difficult Conversations through a Restorative Justice Lens"

Josephine Fowler, MD, MBA; Kristina Gracey, MD, MPH; Tracy Kedian, MD; 
Sara Shields, MD, MS, FAAFP; Claudeleedy Pierre, MD
"Shoulder Dystocia Workshop for Family Physicians"

Henry Del Rosario, MD; Megan Brochu, MD; Nick Hajj, MD and
Jeanette Ryan Alkasab, MD
"Epic Mastery - New Best Practices & Efficiency Workshop"

Philip Day, PhD
"Educational Scholarship"

Hugh Silk, MD, MPH 
"Using Medical Humanities to Enhance Your Teaching" 

Ron Adler, MD, FAAFP & Dennis Dimitri, MD, FAAFP
"Advocacy: Strategies, Skills, and Priorities"

Plenary presentation 
Stacy Potts, MD, MEd
"Building a Culture of Mentorship: Better Than Ourselves"