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MPH Program on the Worcester Campus
Required core courses for students who matriculated prior to Fall 2023

There are 6 required courses, each one for 3 credits for a total of 18 credits of required courses.  Please note:   Students are required to get at least a B- in all the core courses.

BIOSTATS 540W Introductory Biostatistics: 
Principles of statistics applied to analysis of biological and health data, evaluation of public health and clinical programs, and estimation of the impact of environmental exposures. Students will gain a better understanding of the theory and application of statistical procedures commonly used in medical research.

HPP 620W Introduction to the US Healthcare System
Introduction to the philosophy, nature, and scope of public health and health organizations; administration and organization of governmental health programs, economic and political forces and their effects on health services.

EPI 630W Principles of Epidemiology: 
An epidemiologic perspective of health is introduced which includes methods for describing the patterns of illness in human populations and research designs for investigating disease etiology. Class examples illustrate a wide range of contemporary health problems. Students develop skills in reading health-related literature and insights into the analysis and interpretation of data pertaining to current issues in public health.

HPP 601W Application of Social and Behavioral Theories in Public Health Interventions 
This course will analyze methods and approaches used in community health development, health education and health promotion. Community and family dimensions of health education will be reviewed. Types of research methods leading to community action will be explored.

ENV 565W Environmental Health Practices: 
This course will introduce students to the complex field of environmental health and to important features of the physical, chemical, biological and global environments that affect the health and well being of communities. The course will cover traditional areas of concern, such as air and water pollution and hazardous waste, as well as emerging and contemporary problems relating to the global environment. Students will learn about methods for and approaches to the assessment, prevention, and control of environmental health problems.

HPP 642  Leadership in Public Health  (required course as of September 2020)
The course and field work focus on leadership theory, development, and competencies of contemporary public health leaders. Integral to the leadership role is the application of health policy leadership. 

SPHHS 698W Worcester Practicum (please refer to section on the MPH Practicum Guidelines)

HPP 696D Final Culminating Project (please refer to section on the Culminating Experience Guidelines)