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Flouride Varnish Training for MA Pediatric Providers

Medical offices that care for children and residency programs can contact the Engaging Medical Clinicians in Oral Health program to get their offices trained to provide oral health services, including fluoride varnish to pediatric patients.

To contact this program you can call 617-8861728 or e-mail: Megan.Mackin@dentaquest.com.  

Why get trained?

1) Fluoride varnish application twice a year reduces cavities by 38% in children.

2) FREE 1.5 CME and CNE credits for all providers in your office (including a FREE lunch)

2) Increased office revenue ($26 per application in Massachusetts); treating 5 children per day
would result in $31,980 net revenue


What makes this training unique?

A trained dental hygienist will “adopt” your practice to help you get started and provide personalized technical assistance until you are providing the Medicaid billable fluoride varnish to your patients.

The training is intended to:

· train physicians, physician assistants, and nursing staff through hands-on practice

· assist administrative/billing staff with reimbursement procedures

· transform office flow to make adding the service easy and profitable

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For the Fluoride Varnish Training page - we should change the email address to Megan.Mackin@dentaquest.com and the phone number to : 617.886.1728