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Timothy Chang, MD, PhD

Resident, Boston Children's Hospital

Former RTI Lab: MD, PhD Candidate, Zamore Lab
Training Period: 2007 - 2018
Prior Academic Degree Institution: Stanford University
Awards: Gold Humanism Honor Society inductee


Timothy H. Chang is a graduate from Stanford University with a BS and a focus in neuroscience. As an undergraduate, he studied the effects of maternal inflammation on fetal brain development in the lab of Dr. Theo Palmer.

After joining UMass Chan, Timothy only rotated in Dr. Phillip Zamore’s lab before knowing he had found a home. In the Zamore lab, he studied small RNAs, epigenetics, and transposon regulation. For his thesis, he helped define alternative transcriptional pathway required for fertility and produces regulatory small RNAs that transcriptionally and epigenetically repress endogenous viruses and genes.